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Shot Blasting Machines

In foundry industry, surface sand burning and oxide skin removal for cast steel and iron are generally done by shot blasting machines. Almost all steel castings, nodular iron castings and others will experience shot blasting treatments. As a specialist surface preparation equipment manufacturer, we can offer different shot blasting machines based on customer's products.

1. The shot blasting equipment can be used for removing burrs, oxide scales and rusts. It can be used to clean off contaminant on the coating of a workpiece, intensifying coating adhesion and thereby reinforcing the workpiece.
2. The difference from sand blasting machine is that the shot peening machine is reduce parts' fatigue life and enhance surface stress, so as to improve their strength.

If you need blast cleaning and industrial finishing equipment for various surface treatment applications, please feel free to contact us. We will provide the optimal shot blasting systems for you.

Our HPG series shot blasting machine is exactly the surface preparation solution that you need for H-beams. The industrial cleaning equipment is equipped with a state-of-the-art blast wheel which will throw dense and high speed balls directly at the surface of workpieces from all directions when they are conveyed into the blasting chamber.

JPG series shot blasting machine from Yizhou is specially designed for small size steel plates. It combines steel plate pretreatment and post-treatment functions, characterized by high processing efficiency and quality, exceptional suitability, low cost, etc. In addition, equipped with top mounted cartridge filter and advanced shot-sand separator, the shot peening equipment comes with more stable and reliable performance and is especially suitable for small and medium sized machinery manufacturing enterprises.

Here at Yizhou, we offer a wide range of steel plate pretreatment lines. They are surface treatment equipment used for shot blasting the steel plates and coating a layer of priming paint before welding. This metal pretreatment solution consists of lateral feeding unit, roller conveyor, cleaning device, preheating chamber, shot blasting system, steel shots cleaning chamber, intermediate inspection roller, paint spraying chamber, drying chamber, runout table, lateral discharging unit, dust collector, paint mist treatment system and electric control system.

Yizhou is a prominent surface preparation equipment supplier. We are available to offer high quality and cost effective sandblasting room and sandblasting equipment for rust removal of large castings, welded steel structures, transformer tanks, construction vehicles, locomotives, boilers, chemical machinery, ships, etc.

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