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Sandblasting Room, Sandblasting Equipment

Yizhou is a prominent surface preparation equipment supplier. We are available to offer high quality and cost effective sandblasting room and sandblasting equipment for rust removal of large castings, welded steel structures, transformer tanks, construction vehicles, locomotives, boilers, chemical machinery, ships, etc.

  • Sandblasting Room
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The sand blasting machine, also referred to as abrasive blasting equipment is powered by compressed air that is used to shoot the abrasives such as copper ore, quartz sand, silicon carbide, iron sand and marine sand on to the workpiece surface at a high speed. Due to impact and cutting action done by these adhesives, the workpiece surface boasts a certain degree of cleanliness and roughness. This improves workpiece’s fatigue strength and enhances coating adhesion and durability.

Technical specifications of our sandblasting room can be tailored to customer’s requirements.

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