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Milling Equipment

    1. Plate Edge Milling Machine

      This steel plate mill machine can be used for different kinds of milling, including straight edge, bevel edge, U, X and Y shape edge, etc.

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The milling equipment is specially designed to carry out milling or beveling on the end face of pipe or plate for welding preparation. It perfectly gets rid of angle irregularity, rough face, unpleasant noise and other disadvantages caused by using flame cutting machine and polishing machine. According to different requirements, we offer two types of milling equipment, namely end face milling machine and plate edge milling machine. They are characterized by easy operation, standard angle and smooth surface.

Our end face milling machine comprises milling head, lifting column, worktable, machine body, mechanical feeding system, electric control system, guide rail protective system and cutting tools. It is used for milling the end faces of welded or rolled H-beam steel or BOX steel. The maximum end face size is up to 1200×1500mm. the minimum end face size is 300×200mm. In addition, the milling equipment can process the side faces of H-beam or BOX steels.

Here at Yizhou, we offer the optimal solution for plate edge preparation before welding. The plate edge milling machine is what we supply to you to realize the perfect edge preparation. The industry leading milling equipment utilizes milling process to replace planing. Compared to edge planer, it ensures less energy consumption, lower cost of investment, and higher surface accuracy.

1. Plate Edge Milling Machine
This high efficiency milling equipment is specially developed for double face beveling on plates used in shipbuilding, oil, petrochemical, metal construction and other industries. Fitted with two milling heads that are respectively arranged at two sides of the trolley, the edge miller can simultaneously carry out edge preparation on both face of the steel plates.

2. End Face Milling Machine
The milling equipment is used for processing the end faces of welded or rolled H-beam steel or BOX steel. The maximum end face size is up to 1200 × 1500mm. In addition to end face, it can also be used to mill side faces of H-beam or BOX steels.

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