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End Face Milling Machine

Our end face milling machine comprises milling head, lifting column, worktable, machine body, mechanical feeding system, electric control system, guide rail protective system and cutting tools. It is used for milling the end faces of welded or rolled H-beam steel or BOX steel. The maximum end face size is up to 1200×1500mm. the minimum end face size is 300×200mm. In addition, the milling equipment can process the side faces of H-beam or BOX steels.

Due to easy operation, simple structure, quick adjustment, smooth surface, etc., our end milling machine has become one of the highly recognized and indispensable equipment for welded structural steel manufacturers. For more information about the metalworking machine, directly call us. Our service staff is always available to offer help.

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Model YZDX-0810 YZDX-1212 YZDX-1215
End face processing area (mm) 800×1000 1200×1200 1200×1500
Horizontal milling speed (mm/min) 50-440
Vertical milling speed (mm/min) 22-550
Milling angle ( °) 0-45
Milling head model TX25A TX32A TX32A
Cutter rotation speed (rpm) 125-800 125-630 125-630
Cutter diameter (mm) 125-250 125-360 125-360

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