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H Beam 3-in-1 Welding Machine

Want to realize H beam assembly, submerged arc welding and flange straightening in one machine? Our PHJ machine is exactly what you need. This structural steel fabrication equipment comes with a combination of H-beam assembly machine, welding machine and straightening machine. It is suitable for manufacturing light H beams with a weld joint height of less than 8cm. Compact design enables it to take up small floor space, and all-in-one structure saves workpiece handling operation between two processes, thus dramatically improving working efficiency.

1. Flanges and webs centering and clamping is featured by manual positioning at one side and hydraulic clamping at another side. Manual positioning is adjusted by hand wheel.
2. Hydraulic cylinder is used for clamping, providing not only large force, but also high clamping flexibility. It can automatically stretch our or draw back to allow the workpiece to pass through without being affected by irregular flange width and web thickness changes.
3. The H-beam welding equipment also employs hydraulic cylinder to conduct pressing on the top, ensuring reliable combination of flange and web.
4. H-beam assembling, welding and straightening are completed in one process.
5. It is provided with a single-arc and double-wire welding head which delivers high welding speed while ensuring quality welding seam.
6. The H-beam welding line applies single-arc and double-wire submerged arc welding system.
7. Lincoln DC-1000 welding power supply ensures welding quality and reduces flange deformation.

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Model PHJ15 PHJ18 PHJ20
Flange thickness 6-25 mm
Flange width 200-800 mm
Web thickness 5-20 mm
Web width 200-1500 mm 200-1800 mm 200-2000 mm
Workpiece length 4000-15000 mm

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