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H-Beam Production Line

    1. H Beam Assembly Machine

      Our YZ08 series fully automatic H-beam assembly machines are developed based on extensive market survey. The H-beam lines are greatly welcomed among users .

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    1. H-Beam Welding Machine

      Swallowtail-shaped Geneva wheel is designed for stable motion of welding arm. The gantry welding system comes with 3 axis mechanical tracking device and rotation tracking device which ensure that welding torch is at the correct position.

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    1. H Beam Straightening Machine

      This machine is used for the straightening of H-beam flange plate after welding and distortion are completed. It has two series: mechanical and hydraulic.

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Yizhou is a professional H-Beam production line manufacturer from China. After years of development and improvement, our light duty H beam welding production line has won great recognition among users due to compact structure, industry leading functions, reliable quality and high automation. We can engineer and manufacture the optimal H-beam welding lines to match the characteristics of your workshops and work pieces. Individual equipment in this line include flame cutting machine, H-beam assembly machine, H-beam welding machine, flange straightening machine, etc.

Process Flow
Cutting→ Manual grinding→ Spot welding→ Fillet welding→ Flange straightening → Painting

A: Steel plate pre-treatment
B: Cutting and feeding
C: H-beam assembly
D: Overturning and conveying
E: Welding
F: Flange straightening
G: End face machining
H: Drilling
I: Cleaning and painting

1. It is equipped with high precision AC motor, helical gear reducer and gear rack transmission system to achieve exceptional reliability and precision both in longitudinal and transverse cutting.
2. Due to use of AC frequency converter, cutting speed is stepless adjustable. 
3. Air source control cabinet is used to easily control air pressure of each circuit. 

Our YZ08 series fully automatic H-beam assembly machines are developed based on extensive market survey. The H-beam lines are greatly welcomed among users since they provide high assembly precision, high automation, high speed and stable performance for in structural steel fabrication.

Leading the industry as a prominent welding equipment maker and supplier, Yizhou offers top class equipment for H-beam welding. Our H-beam welding machine is developed based on the specificity of fillet welding and our years experience in developing welding equipment. It mainly comprises gantry frame, rolling device, welding torch tracking device, soldering flux collecting system, electric control system and submerged arc welding machine.

Used in the H-beam assembly line as a significant unit, the flange straightening machine is specially designed to straighten the flanges of welded H beams. Due to simple structure, convenient operation, high efficiency and reliable performance, our H-beam flange straightening equipment, developed for light H-beam flanges, has won great popularity among users.

To improve H-beam overturning and conveying efficiency, we equip our H-beam production line with hydraulic overturning equipment and hydraulic conveyor. They can automatically turn over the H beams and move them to the next process during the whole welding and straightening processes.

H-Beam Applications
In modern steel structure industry, H beams, also referred to as I-beams, have become an indispensable profile steel. Due to no harm to environment and high flexibility in construction, they have been extensively used in steel structure workshop, large framework and normal steel mill, high rise buildings, chemical equipment, steel furnace, boiler, bridge, etc.

Advantages of Our H-Beam Production Line and Equipment
1. Equipment in this automatic welding line comes with simple and reliable structure and reasonable layout. Main drive is controlled by a top class AC frequency converter to realize synchronous speed regulation, thus ensuring stable speed.
2. The power source of submerged arc welding machine is installed on the gantry and moves along with the trolley, enabling small voltage drop and accurate and stable welding current.
3. Welding control and gantry control realize integration. Best-in-class flexible drag chain cable is used for welding arm wiring, providing aesthetically pleasing appearance and reliable safety.
4. The metalworking machinery is CE certified.
1. We promise 1-year warranty for our H-beam production line and equipment. We offer operator training, installation and test service and technical support.
2. We can manufacture equipment to customer’s specifications.

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