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Overturning and Conveyor Equipment

To improve H-beam overturning and conveying efficiency, we equip our H-beam production line with hydraulic overturning equipment and hydraulic conveyor. They can automatically turn over the H beams and move them to the next process during the whole welding and straightening processes.

YZJ20 H-Beam Conveyor

Technical Parameters
Lifting weight: 20T/set
Lifting stroke: 80mm
System pressure: 16Mpa
Cylinder diameter: φ80mm×2
Motor power: 1. 5kw
Traveling speed: 5m/min (Approx.)
Track gauge: 700mm

1. The conveyor equipment is composed of main machine, hydraulic system and electric control system.
2. Two hydraulic cylinders work synchronously to lift the H beam off the roller table. This can avoid poor stability of single cylinder structure.
3. Travel reducer is used to move the workpiece back and forth.
4. Oil tubes and cables are protected in metal drag chains, ensuring high safety while providing eye-catching appearance.
5. Thanks to compact structure and shared electric control system with the welding equipment, the H-beam conveyor is easy to operate.

60° Hydraulic Overturning Equipment

Technical Parameters
Overturning angle: 0-60°
Overturning workpiece weight: 20t/set
Overturning cylinder diameter: φ125m
System pressure: 16Mpa

The hydraulic turn over device is mainly comprised of chassis, L-shaped overturning rack, synchronous link rod, hydraulic cylinder, etc. It can turn over the H beam up to 60 degrees and move workpiece smoothly and steadily in combination with other kinds of transporting equipment such as conveying equipment. 3 hydraulic turnover devices form an H beam overturning group, and 6 L shaped racks are driven by 3 cylinders and 3 link rods to synchronously turn over the workpiece.

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