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H Beam Straightening Machine

This machine is used for the straightening of H-beam flange plate after welding and distortion are completed. It has two series: mechanical and hydraulic. The YZJ-20 or YZJ-40 mechanical straightening machine has simple structure and is easy to operate. The YZJ-60A or YZJ-60B hydraulic straightening machine is featured by superior straightening ability, wide range and a high level of automation. Wheel and roller adopt high quality alloy steel, which can be used for a long time.

1. Main transmission system employs 22kw motor and cycloidal pin gear reducer which enable high transmission efficiency and high straightening speed.
2. All straightening rolls are made of high quality 35CrMo steel and have been through state of the art heat treatment to eliminate flaws.
3. All parts are hardened to make sure that the H-beam flange straightening machine can work stably and reliably for a long time.
4. Remote controller is designed to makes operation convenient.
5. To ensure that the H-beam equipment can be used in a wider range of applications and can maximally meet user's requirements, a group of smaller-sized straightening rolls are provided.

H Beam Mechnical Striaghtening Machine
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Model YZJ-20 YZJ-40
Flange width (mm) 150-600 200-800
Flange thickness (mm) ≤20 ≤40
Minimum web width (mm) 160 350
Material Q235A Q235A
Straightening speed (m/min) 5.7 18
Machine power (kW) 9 25
H Beam Hydraulic Straightening Machine
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Model YZJ-60B YZJ-80B
Suitable flange width 180-800mm 200-1000mm
Suitable flange thickness ≤60mm ≤80mm
Suitable web height ≥350mm ≥350mm
Material Q345 Q345
Tensile strength of flange 600Mpa 600Mpa
Straightening speed 6.3m/min 6.3m/min
whole machine power 37KW 52KW