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H-Beam Welding Machine

Leading the industry as a prominent welding equipment maker and supplier, Yizhou offers top class equipment for H-beam welding. Our H-beam welding machine is developed based on the specificity of fillet welding and our years experience in developing welding equipment. It mainly comprises gantry frame, rolling device, welding torch tracking device, soldering flux collecting system, electric control system and submerged arc welding machine.

Equipped with a submerged arc welding guiding mechanism, the automatic welding machine can conduct precise fillet welding on H-beam. It is also designed with a welding head micro-adjusting mechanism to ensure accurate positioning and thereby avoid weld misalignment.

Main Features
1. Swallowtail-shaped Geneva wheel is designed for stable motion of welding arm.
2. The gantry welding system comes with 3 axis mechanical tracking device and rotation tracking device which ensure that welding torch is at the correct position.
3. Production time gets reduced because welding even can be done when the welding torch is moving back to its staring point, thus considerably improving working efficiency.

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Web height (mm) 200-1200 200-2000
Flange height (mm) 200-800 200-800
H-beam length (mm) 4000-15000 4000-15000
Welder model 2 sets of 1000 type automatic submerged arc welder 2 sets of 1000 type automatic submerged arc welder
Welding type Fillet weld Fillet weld
Welding speed (m/min) 0.15-2.5 0.15-2.5
Track gauge (mm) 4000/5000 1400/2000
Installed power (Kw) 13KW (power of welder not included) 13KW (power of welder not included)

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