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H Beam Assembly Machine

Our YZ08 series fully automatic H-beam assembly machines are developed based on extensive market survey. The H-beam lines are greatly welcomed among users since they provide high assembly precision, high automation, high speed and stable performance for in structural steel fabrication.

1. Four sets of centering and clamping devices are designed for flange and web, two for flange and two for web. They are driven by hydraulic cylinder, ensuring large force and improving clamping flexibility.
2. The clamping system can automatically stretch or retract to allow the workpiece to successfully pass through without being affected by irregular flange width and web thickness changes.
3. Upper press device is designed with a pressure maintaining system which enables the automatic assembly equipment to handle the structural steels with section changed.
4. Four guide rails at two ways are designed in the upper press system for stable pressing and positioning.
5. Fully automatic clamping unit ensures that manual adjustment to flange width is unnecessary, thus ensuring fast assembly combined with high efficiency.
6. Mechanical manipulator is used to realize quick clamping and centering.
7. This H-beam assembly machine is fitted with a hydraulic aligning device at its top.
8. Hydraulic power pack comes with secondary filter for the maximum accuracy.

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Model YZ0815 YZ0818 YZ0820 YZ0825
Web size (mm) Height 150 ~ 1500 150 ~ 1800 150 ~ 2000 150 ~ 2500
Thickness 6 ~ 50
Flange size (mm) Width 150 ~ 800
Thickness 6 ~ 80
Workpiece length (mm) 4000 ~ 15000
Assembly speed (m/min) 0.5-6
Installed power Main machine: 9.5KW (2 gas shielded welding machine: 2×12.5 KVA)

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