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Flame Cutting Machine

The flame cutting machine is mainly used for steel cutting. Equipped with multi torches, the flame cutter is suitable for individual or high batch production runs.

1. It is equipped with high precision AC motor, helical gear reducer and gear rack transmission system to achieve exceptional reliability and precision both in longitudinal and transverse cutting.
2. Due to use of AC frequency converter, cutting speed is stepless adjustable.
3. Air source control cabinet is used to easily control air pressure of each circuit.
4. State of the art control valves and air pipes enable the sheet metal cutting machine to be used safely and reliably.
5. Top class drag chain cables are used for wiring of transverse cutting torches, ensuring high safety while providing striking appearance.

1. Gas circuit of the flame cutting machine is completely constructed from top quality pipes that are imported from the industry leading company, thus ensuring high longevity.
2. It adopts Panasonic or Fuji brand high precision servo driver.
3. CNC cutting torches are positioned by high accuracy lead screw and linear guide roll to ensure high cutting accuracy.
4. The cutting equipment can be provided with a set of device for gases including oxygen, acetylene and propane gas to flow together. Please specify in order if you need this device.
5. Gantry girder of the oxy-fuel cutting machine enjoys tempering and aging treatments, thus avoiding deformation.

Technical Parameters
Rail gauge 4000mm 5000mm Cutting surface roughness Ra12.5
Effective cutting width 3200mm 4200mm Repeatability ±0.5
Min. cutting width CNC 230mm 230mm Main gas circuit Oxygen P=1MPa
Straight cutting 80mm 80mm Acetylene P=0.1MPa
Cutting thickness 6-100mm 6-100mm Voltage AC220V±10%
Cutting speed (m/min) 0.05-1m/min 0.05-1m/min Frequency 50Hz
Max. return speed (mm/min) 4000mm /min 4000mm /min Total power 1.5KW
Cutting accuracy ±0.5mm/1000mm

Notice: Maintenance
1. Regularly clean each part of the steel flame cutting machine. For instance, clean off the dust on the electric components of CNC control box and power box;
2. Regularly clean and lubricate gear, gear box, rack and rail;
3. Regularly dismantle the scrap dust remover to clean.

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