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Welding Manipulators

    1. Welding Manipulator (Heavy Duty)

      The automatic welding machine offers exceptional versatility for plate welding, butt welding, and longitudinal seam welding inside and outside the pipes or vessels.

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Yizhou engineers and manufactures a variety of automatic welding manipulators for light duty and heavy duty works. Our column and boom welding manipulators come in mobile design and stationary design.

1. The mobile welding manipulator is composed of rail mounted trolley, column, boom, guide holder (saddle), electrical installation platform, operating platform, ladder, column rotating mechanism, column locking mechanism, boom elevating mechanism, boom telescoping mechanism, trolley travel mechanism, trolley locking mechanism, counter weight, electrical control components, etc.
2. Except trolley travel and locking mechanisms, the stationary welding manipulator comes with the same configurations with the mobile one.

The light duty welding manipulator is available in various types including stationary type, stationary and rotary type, and mobile type. Telescoping motion of the boom is controlled by a frequency converter, ensuring variable speed. A PLC controller can be used to realize high mechanical precision and accurate positioning. As required, we can design and manufacture special welding manipulators for customers.

Want a welding manipulator for heavy duty work? Get in touch with Yizhou today to discuss your production requirements and let us meet your needs. As a specialist welding solution provider, we offer high quality, cost effective solution for heavy duty welding works. The heavy duty welding manipulator is specially designed for that work. It is mainly used for large size pipes or vessels. Seat, guard rail and other devices can be equipped for maximum comfort and safety.

Structural Features
1. Main structural parts of the welding equipment such as rail mounted trolley, boom, column, guide holder, etc. are constructed from profile steel or superior carbon steel by welding process. Stress relief treatment after welding and machine finishing will improve manipulator rigidity and enhance the strength of structural parts and accuracy of transmission parts.
2. The column and boom features a rectangular girder structure. Rectangular guide rail is made of 16Mn steel, ensuing exceptional strength and plasticity, and long service life.

Application Field
Our automatic welding manipulators are suitable for various fields including pressure vessel and refrigeration equipment fabrication, power plant construction, metallurgical construction, construction machinery manufacturing, roller overlaying, petrochemical construction, wind power, just to name a few.

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