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Light Duty Welding Manipulator

The light duty welding manipulator is available in various types including stationary type, stationary and rotary type, and mobile type. Telescoping motion of the boom is controlled by a frequency converter, ensuring variable speed. A PLC controller can be used to realize high mechanical precision and accurate positioning. As required, we can design and manufacture special welding manipulators for customers.

1. The light duty welding manipulator can conduct automatic tracking and monitoring during welding works.
2. It can be directly used for plate welding, butt welding, and longitudinal seam welding inside and outside the vessel. In addition, the column and boom manipulator can be used with turning rolls to carry out circular seam welding, with welding positioner to execute welding on workpiece of different shapes and at different positions.
3. The boom will be elevated and lowered at a constant speed, with high stability, safety and reliability.
4. The automatic welding system comes with an operating platform that allows easy operation and adjustment.
5. A manual control box is available to offer remote control for this longitudinal seam welder or circular seam welder.

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Model Light duty(YHL) Medium duty(YHM) Heavy duty(YHH) Super duty (YHS)
YHL-a×b YHM-a×b YHH-a×b YHS-a×b
Effective elevation stroke (a) 1.5m,2m,2.5m,3m 3.5m,4m,4.5m,5m 5.5m, 6m,6.5m,7m 6m,6.5m,7m,7.5m,8m
Effective elevation stroke (b) 1.5m,2m,2.5m,3m 3.5m,4m,4.5m,5m 5.5m,6m,6.5m,7m 6m,6.5m,7m,7.5m,8m
Elevation speed(mm/min) 1000 1650
Retraction speed(mm/min) 120-1200 50-1000
Min. distance between boom lower surface and rail (mm) 740 (trolley moving with column rotation) 1109 (trolley moving with column rotation) 1109 (trolley moving with column rotation) 1226 (trolley moving with column rotation)
690 (base stationary with column rotation) 972 (base stationary with column rotation) 1090 (base stationary with column rotation) 1180 (base stationary with column rotation)
Max. allowable load of boom front end (kg) 80 120 200 400/600
Column rotation way Manual/electric Electric(±180°)
Trolley moving speed Manual 1700 2500 2500
Rail span 1000 1730 2000 2500
Trolley locking device
Rotation locking deveice
Operation chair × ×(optional) √(optional)
Remote control box
Flux recycle and transport system √(optional)
Welding head 90°turning device and locking device
Welding seam automatic tracker ×(optional) ×(optional) ×(optional) ×(optional)
Welding head cross slider

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