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Box Beam Production Line

The box beam production line manufactured by Yizhou is mainly composed of CNC/multi-head flame cutting machine, U beam or box beam assembly machine, electroslag welding machine, automatic welding machine, end face milling machine, edge milling machine, web plate assembly machine, roller conveyor, etc.

Box Beam Assembly Machine
The assembly machine in our box beam welding line comprises main machine, roller conveyor, web plate positioning and clamping device, hydraulic system and electric control system. It is manually operated, featured by main machine moving and workpiece standing, ensuring precise positioning.

Box Beam Automatic Welding Machine
This is an exclusively designed welding machine for box beam. It comes with gantry frame, double drive and variable frequency speed control.

1. Mechanical guide roller for seam tracking;
2. Pneumatic control for operation at two sides;
3. Double arc and double wire welding method is used to improve welding efficiency;
4. Protection device is equipped to avoid excessive scattering of welding flux.
5. Both fixing stand and roller conveyor can be used to place workpiece, so that it can match other machines to form an assembly line.

Box Beam Automatic Electroslag Welding Machine
The automatic welding equipment mainly consists of traveling platform, longitudinal lifting mechanism and lateral moving mechanism (manual).

Length 4000~15000 mm
Sectional area 300 × 300~1200×1200 mm ²
Thickness 20 ~ 80 mm
Weight ≤ 20000 kg

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