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Flame Cutting Machine

At Yizhou, we offer a wide range of CNC flame cutting machines. The YZCH-4000C CNC flame cutter comes with an economical configuration. Multi torches are installed on the machine for oxy-fuel cutting. It is mainly used for cutting metal sheets, slats and other metal products of various shapes. With exceptional versatility, high automation, advanced configuration, high cutting accuracy and strong dynamic stability as well as remote control, superior CNC system and servo system and user friendly interface, the sheet metal cutter has won high popularity among users.

Main Features
1. Provided with a remote control box, our CNC flame cutting machine is easy to operate and save operators.
2. Gas circuit is constructed from top quality pipes, ensuring high longevity.
3. State of the art CNC system delivers stable performance and convenient maintenance.
4. The gantry cutting machine employs a Panasonic highly precise servo driver.
5. CNC cutting torch is positioned by high precision lead screw and linear guide roll, so that it can be kept at the same vertical line to ensure high cutting accuracy.
6. The flame cutting machine is equipped with a set of device for gases including oxygen, acetylene and propane gas to flow together. Please specify in order if you need this device.

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Specification YZCN-4000C YZCN-5000C YZCN-6000C
Rail gauge (mm) 4000 5000 6000
Effective cutting width (mm) 3200 4200 5200
Min. cutting width (mm) 230 230 230
Cutting thickness (mm) 6-100 6-100 6-100
Cutting speed (m/min) Variable frequency control 0.05-2 0.05-2 0.05-2
Servo control 0.05-6 0.05-6 0.05-6
Max. return speed (mm/min) Variable frequency control 2000 2000 2000
Servo control 6000 6000 6000
Cutting accuracy (mm) ±0.5/1000
Cutting surface roughness Ra12.5
Repeatability ±0.5
Main gas circuit Oxygen P=1MPa
Acetylene P=0.1MPa
Voltage AC220V±10%
Frequency 50HZ
Total power 1.5KW

Notice: Maintenance
1. Regularly clean each part of the CNC flame cutting machine. For example, clean off the dust on the electric components in CNC control box and power box;
2. Regularly clean gear, gear box, rack and rail, and add lubrication oil;
3. Regularly dismantle the scrap dust remover and clean.

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